Start2 - Online Service for Health and Wellbeing

Start2 is a free MMHSCT service for patients, staff and the public.
No referral is required.

Available 24/7

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The Start2 online service provides skills for Recovery and Wellbeing. It offers more than one hundred health-boosting activities that can build strategies for self-management of mental and physical health.

Start2 guides people step by step to create a personalized Recovery programme. Choose from Mindfulness activities, Occupational Therapy techniques, creative wellbeing activities such as drawing, painting, and creative writing, and gentle exercise. Associated wellbeing benefits for each activity are clearly described. Most activities are downloadable (printable), some are online interactive (interact with them on-screen).

Many of the activities suggest ways of sharing wellbeing experiences with others, so as to build social connectedness and community involvement.

Start2 offers opportunities to people to take charge of their wellbeing in a new way.

Many studies suggest that having meaningful and active lives is the key to wellbeing and happiness. Harnessing natural creativity can be a powerful way to build both active and meaningful engagement into our lives, and enhance our sense of wellbeing too.

The NHS Start2 wellbeing service is evidence-based and is created by MMHSCT's creative wellbeing service Start.

Use of the Start2 wellbeing service is entirely free. No referral is needed, each person simply registers and that's it!

If you would like further information, please email us at or call 0161 257 0696.

Start2 is part of MMHSCT's Recovery Pathways services but is open to anyone to use without referral. Simply register and enjoy creating your very own wellbeing programme.


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