Specialist services

PRAMMBS - Perinatal Service
PRAMMBS consists of Andersen Ward Mother and Baby Unit, the Perinatal Clinic and a Perinatal Liaison Service. The Anderson Ward provides a consistently high level of quality specialist mental health care to both women who are pregnant and mothers following child birth. The Perinatal Liaison Service aims to provide support to mothers who have mental health issues which have become prominent after the birth of a child.

The Specialist Service for Affective Disorders

The Specialist Service for Affective Disorders provides specialist tertiary assessment, specialist psychological interventions and help and advice for patients, relatives and referring clinicians on Affective Disorders. It is a regional service covering the whole of the North West Region and acts Nationally in some instances.

Further information about each service, including contact details, are available by clicking on the links under 'Specialist services'.

Health and Social Care Fire Safety

In collaboration with local and national partners we aim to reduce the risk of harm from fire for people who access Health and Social Care services by achieving a number of key objectives.

A first-of-its-kind resource has been put together by Head of Occupational Therapy David Marsden in conjunction with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services. This guidance will support partnership working between health and social care organisations and fire and rescue service everywhere.

Citywide Treatment Suites

These suites provide a range of physical treatments for mental health service users such as Clozapine Clinic, Electro-Compulsive Therapy (ECT) and Depot Clinic.