Recovery Pathways: Wellbeing through art, people and places

Wellbeing through art, people and places

Community and partnership

The Recovery Pathways service is the Trust's social care, recovery and inclusion service. We help people to lead valued lives by providing or enabling access to high quality support, goal-focused activity, self-developmental study, training and employment services. The service aims to enable personal recovery and well-being strategies, build confidence and skills, and support access to socially inclusive moving on opportunities. We will help people to have aspirations, achieve their goals and be part of their communities.

The Recovery Pathways Service provides a key step in supporting the recovery, well-being and social inclusion of service users with severe and enduring mental health needs and/or critical or substantial social care needs. The service offers support and activities that enable service users to live more independently, develop effective self-care and wellbeing strategies, and access leisure, education and employment opportunities.

The Recovery Pathways Service forms an integral part of a whole systems approach to providing recovery focussed services for people experiencing severe and enduring mental health needs in Manchester.

The service is broken down into the following areas:
Creative Wellbeing - incorporating Start and Studio One
Green Wellbeing
Employment Support

The service uses a structured and goal focussed approach to improve wellbeing and promote the building of transferable and self-care skills, coping strategies.

Through enabling these skills to be developed or regained, the service promotes recovery and social inclusion of service users, thereby improving choice and quality of life and enhancing employability prospects.
The service works in partnership with key agencies to provide socially inclusive opportunities and support people to build the confidence to move back into mainstream life.

To be eligible for for this service you must be an existing Trust user.

The Service is appropriate for:
• People over the age of 18
• People with a severe mental health problem and/or social care needs that meet the National Eligibilitiy criteria.
• People needing to build or rebuild skills and confidence, improve their mental health, gain more independence in managing well-being, improve self-help strategies and those who require support to maximise their potential and engage with the wider community.


Contact details

Service Manager Nick Metcalfe 0161 277 1183