Secondary Care Psychology

Black & white photo of archesSecondary Care Psychology comprises psychological provision to Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs), Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams (HHTs), Assertive Outreach and the Mother and Baby Unit (MBU).

The work of a psychologist includes direct work with clients, indirect clinical work with team colleagues and relevant services (statutory and third sector where required), training and supervision, and research and evaluation.

Direct work with clients involves the provision of a range of specialist, evidence-based psychological assessments and interventions. Clients seen by psychologists typically have complex and/or longstanding mental health difficulties including psychosis and mood disorders. The intention is to contribute to the promotion of recovery by using evidence based approaches in combination with the client's own experiences, strengths and resources.

A very important aspect of the role is the indirect work conducted with team practitioners and people significant in the client's life. Thus there is an emphasis on providing consultancy / advice, clinical supervision (including supervision for Psychosocial Intervention trainees), training and joint working (e.g. working together to support families and carers). Indirect work is particularly important in HHT and Assertive Outreach. The approaches used vary with the needs of the clients (e.g. in HHT the emphasis is on understanding and managing crisis whereas in Assertive Outreach the emphasis may be typically on establishing and managing therapeutic engagement).

Referrals are made primarily through allocations meetings or through discussion between the team psychologist and the care co-ordinator.

Research and evaluation initiatives are aimed at developing practice and supporting teams to monitor the service provision and ensure service user satisfaction.  Teaching and training within and across services aims to promote psychological knowledge and develop skills in a range of practitioners.

Psychologists within the service are professionally qualified and are registered with the Health Professions Council as Practitioner Psychologists.

Contact details


South (Laureate House)
Dr Brigid Corrigan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Head of Secondary Care Psychology (South)
Department of Clinical Psychology
Laureate House
Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT

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Tel:      0161 291 6971
Fax:     0161 291 6972



North (NMGH)
Dr Catherine Coogan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Head of Secondary Care Psychology (North)
Department of Clinical Psychology
North Manchester General Hospital
Delaunays Road
M8 5RB

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Tel: 0161 720 2810
Fax: 0161 720 2671

Central (Gaskell House)
Dr Catherine Coogan or Dr Brigid Corrigan at above telephone numbers.