Personality Disorder Services

Overview of Personality Disorder Services

Personality disordersWe offer citywide personality disorder services at Macartney House Psychotherapy Service and Gaskell House. The purpose of our services are to help people develop more stable relationships, explore difficult feelings and to develop skills to be able to integrate back into their wider community with less dependence on emergency services and mental health agencies. Some service users may require high input from mental health and emergency services whilst others are more stable. If there are significant risk and social issues then these should be managed by a designated care coordinator. We provide different psychotherapy modalities including group and individual work in an outpatient setting.

Location: Gaskell House & Macartney House Psychotherapy Service

Mode of treatment: Outpatient

Average length of treatment: 18+months for specialist disorder treatment

Referrals accepted from: all health care professionals within North/South/Central CMHT/Outpatient services, and GPs for Manchester residents. We provide consultations for adult inpatient services.

  • For Macartney House Psychotherapy Service referrals please contact the service on Tel: (0161) 205 7555.

  • For Gaskell House referrals please contact Gaskell House on Tel: (0161) 277 1120.






Contact details

Telephone: Gaskell House: 0161 277 1120 . Macartney House: 0161 205 7555

Fax: Gaskell House: 0161 273 4876. Macartney House: 0161 203 5731


Gaskell House: Swinton Grove, Manchester, M13 0EU

Macartney House: Beech Mount, Rochdale Road, M9 5XS

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9-5pm