Prison Healthcare

From 1st April 2015, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care has responsibility for the delivery of healthcare in HMP Manchester and HMP Buckley Hall prisons and subcontracts the delivery of prison substance misuse services to Delphi.

The overall vision of the services is to develop a healthy prison with healthy prisoners and to take the opportunity of the journey of imprisonment to improve the health care of a disadvantaged group of men. A number of key opportunities present themselves to improve well-being within a person’s stay which include initial screening on admission, secondary screening, opportunities to reduce harm from drug and alcohol misuse, opportunities to access brief interventions for mental well-being, updating of immunisations and other forms of preventative health care, as well as the opportunity to deal with undiagnosed physical health issues.  Throughout the journey, in line with the NHS Operating Framework, we will involve prisoners in choices about their treatment as far as is practicable within the custodial setting.

Our aims are:

  • Ensuring timely intervention for acute and existing conditions ensuring patients' rights to privacy and confidentiality are afforded.
  • Ensuring that prescribing is evidence-based and in accordance with best practice.
  • Identifying potential health problems through health care screening (including NHS Health Checks).
  • Providing all the necessary screening and immunisations to all high risk groups within the registered population in line with local and national guidance, standards and performance indicators.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices including reduction in smoking.
  • Providing essential and additional primary care medical services, as a minimum and as defined by the GP contract, for all prisoners.
  • Providing (or support other contracted providers in delivery) essential primary care dental services, ophthalmology services, physiotherapy, pharmacy and podiatry services.
  • Improving access and the quality of primary health care services for prisoners including the role of primary care in the areas of minor injury support, drug dependency, alcohol dependency.
  • Improving access to prisoners’ health records in order to gain accurate past medical/psychiatric histories, use of medication, substance and alcohol misuse.
  • Improving the range of services within the prison.
  • Minimising the requirement for healthcare delivery outside the prison.
  • Identifying mild to moderate common mental illnesses including depressions, anxiety disorders and phobias.
  • Delivering effective chronic disease management.
  • Communicating effectively  with other health services (e.g. mental health in-reach, Sexual Health), especially with regards to suicide prevention and the operation of Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork (ACCT) procedures.
  • Ensuring appropriate access to secondary healthcare services via telemedicine, and seeking continuity of care for patients with secondary and specialist health needs.
  • Offering information, advice and support in relation to a range of healthy life style choices.
  • Ensuring that all necessary equipment and consumables are requisitioned and provided for the delivery of appropriate healthcare.
  • Ensuring that all eligible people in prison have access and recorded consent to all cancer and non cancer screening and immunisation programmes for which they are eligible (Bowel, Diabetic Eye, Shingles, Flu).

The expected health outcomes include:

  • Improvement in the physical and mental wellbeing of prisoners.
  • Decrease in morbidity and disability associated with physical or mental ill health.
  • Increase immunisation rates which reduce vaccine preventable communicable diseases in the whole community.
  • Increase access to public health screening programmes to promote early identification and treatment.

Access to the prison is by prior arrangement only.

Age of Service Users: 21+ (younger in exceptional circumstances), male.

Referral Method: Only see those detained in HMP Manchester and HMP Buckley Hall.

Services provided

Health screening on admission
Discharge & transfer
General practice
Primary Care nursing services involving secondary screening
Inpatient care
Health Promotion
Alcohol Services
Sexual Health
Optometry & Dental Screening


Contact Details for HMP Manchester:

Jo Daniels

General Manager for Prison Healthcare

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Chorlton House

70 Manchester Road


Manchester M21 9UN

Telephone: 0161 882 1075



Contact Details for HMP Buckley Hall:

Heather Jackson

Head of Healthcare

HMP Buckley Hall

Buckley Hall Road



OL12 9DP

Telephone: 01706 514 444



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