Inpatient Services

There are several services that support our service users who need care within our wards.

Inpatient Services - Wards
The Trust's inpatient wards are based at North Manchester General Hospital (Park House), Wythenshawe Hospital (Laureate House) and consist of an experienced team of medical staff, nurses and occupational therapists. Each service user will be assessed for their own individual needs whilst an inpatient and the ward staff work closely with community teams upon discharge should further support be required.

At the beginning of August 2011 we opened an all-male 20-bedded rehabilitation unit, Acacia Ward, at Park House which provides more intensive care and support to enable this group of service users to successfully move back into the community and re-connect with their communities and social networks.

Housing Advice Service (formerly Discharge Planning Service)
The Discharge Planning Service identifies any accommodation issues a service user may have before or during their admission to a ward. By working closely with a multi-disciplinary team and service users, discharge planners create a plan to support the accommodation needs of each person.

Citywide Treatment Suites
These suites provide a range of physical treatments for mental health service users such as Clozapine Clinic, ECT (Electro Compulsive Therapy) and Depot Clinics.


Further information about each service, including contact details, is available by clicking on the links under 'Inpatient Services'.